Best Jailbreaks for Apple TV 3, 2 and 1

by admin on January 28, 2014

Hey there!

Today I’m going to show you the easiest way in which you can jailbreak your Apple TV. It actually only takes a few simple steps and it’s incredibly easy to do. People often ask me why they should bother jailbreaking their Apple TV and I tell them that by doing it you can:

  • Get access to loads more streaming sources by installing XBMC. Some of these aren’t approved by Apple so can’t be accessed normally. You will also be able to watch TV channels such as ESPN and stream through websites that show episodes of major shows one hour after they have broadcast such as
  • Connect a USB device to your Apple TV and play files.
  • Easily play files not supported by iTunes such as MKV and AVI with ATV Flash-Black
  • Install a browser on your Apple TV to access websites
  • Instantly download subtitles with one click
  • Use iPhone or iPad as a powerful remote control with the RemoteHD app.

The jailbreak options that I am going to suggest to you will automatically jailbreak your Apple TV with no fuss or issues. The best part is that it can be done in a matter of minutes. The guys who make the software ensure that it is compatible with the latest Apple TV iOS so even the newest devices can be jail broken. In fact, included in the price of jailbreaking an Apple TV is a similar solution for other Apple device such as iPad’s and iPhone’s.

IMPORTANT: The sites that I am going to list are mainly focused towards jailbreaks for iPads and iPhones however they all have Apple TV solutions too. If you look at for instance you will see that the Apple TV Jailbreak option is located about half way down and it looks like this:




How It Workstv7

For some people jailbreaking an Apple TV can seem a daunting task however the process is incredible simple. Basically you only need to install the jailbreaking program, hook up your Apple TV to your computer or laptop via the USB port and then simply let the program do its job. You just need to sit back and watch as it does the work for you. You can use the step by step guide to go through the entire process and you can also ask the support staff on call for any questions you may have, technical or otherwise.

A word of caution: don’t try and jailbreak your Apple TV by yourself. It may be a simple process when using the software solutions I mention below but it is incredibly complicated beyond this. I actually thought I could do it all myself and, even though I am quite good with computers, it didn’t go too well and was a massive headache for me. You are at risk of losing all the data on your Apple TV or even causing more permanent damage; learn from my experience and use one of the solutions I am about to show you to ensure that the jailbreak is carried out correctly.

Top 2 Apple TV Software For Jailbreaking

Number 1 –  iJailbreak Pro (My top choice and the best solution to jailbreak an Apple TV)

Speaking from experience the guys over at iJailbreak Pro are the best. They have fantastic software that does exactly what it says and their support staff is second to none. The whole process for jailbreaking my Apple TV was over in less than 5 minutes which is an incredibly fast speed. It was safe, reliable and worked without any issues.

I actually used them for several Apple TV’s. I have two at home and they are from different generations however the software was able to jailbreak the previous ATV version I have as well as the latest generation of Apple TV too. In fact, with their service I also managed to jailbreak my iPhone 5 and this was included into the overall price!

Another major plus point was their support staff. Some parts of the process were a little confusing to me – however the support team answered my queries (regardless of how simple they were) in a quick, polite and effective manner. After speaking with them I had a complete understanding of the whole process and they didn’t mind answer questions that I really should know.

Overall the set up is fantastic. I actually talked to the guy in charge of the whole service and he is just committed to ensuring that everyone can get the most out of their Apple devices. While ATV is great on its own, it can be made even better by using this service to realize its full potential.

The software worked brilliantly, the step by step guide really helped and I was pleased with how much they charge for the service. If you want to use the best in the market then iJailbreak Pro is my recommendation. A solid 9.5/10. You can find here

Number 2 – Jailbreak Unlock (Good service but let down by their support staff)

Jailbreak Unlock is another service I have used in the past. I actually used them for previous versions of my Apple TV and they unlocked my past iOS without any issues. However as soon as iJailbreak Pro started offering the same service I stopped using them. The process takes a bit longer (although can be completed in under 20 minutes) however I do have two major problems with using them:

  • They don’t seem to be legitimate experts on ATV. Unless you are in their member’s area then you can’t find links to the ATV jailbreaking services and I thought that their support staff knew more about jailbreaking other Apple devices rather than Apple TV. I also got the impression that they would stop offering this feature altogether someday which doesn’t suit me in the long term.
  •  Their support staff is not the best at answering emails in a quick manner. They can be contacted by phone however this service instructs you to send an email. It often takes over 24 hours for them to respond which isn’t ideal if you want ATV jailbroken quickly.

All in all they are not bad. I would use them again if something happened to iJailbreak Pro although at the minute they are my second choice. I’ll give them a 7/10 for the fact that their solution does work. Click here to check find more information

Final Thoughts

These are not the only two services that offer Apple TV jailbreak solutions however they are the best and most companies tend to focus on iPads and iPhones. In my honest opinion iJailbreak Pro is the superior choice as you can see from my above review.

Since I jail broke my ATV I can stream new TV shows right after they air on and watch them in HD as well. I have even managed to cancel my cable package because I can stream extra channels – a great money saver. One ATV box, a decent internet connection and a piece of jailbreak software have transformed the way I watch TV and access content.

If you want the most from your Apple TV then you should do the same.

Hopefully this information was useful to you!


Mike Tutor


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Stealth Genie

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The Joy in Jailbreaking Apple TV 3!

by admin on July 19, 2014

Are you an entertainment freak? Do you love watching movies, listening to songs and downloading podcasts? If yes, Apple TV 3 is certainly your cup of tea! The Apple TV is meant for picky users with many demands. Just like every other iDevice, the Apple TV is famous for its stylish, simple and elegant nature. The TV flaunts an amazing picture quality and superior sound system. However, the TV is not functionally rich! This is why many people Jailbreak Apple TV 3. Jailbreaking will let you enjoy a huge stream of endless entertainment. So, are you ready to jailbreak your Apple TV 3? If yes, you will find this short write up useful! As you read on, you will come across few interesting benefits in Jailbreaking the Apple TV 3.

Pros of Nito TV

Do you like to watch free movies and rare podcasts? If yes, you will definitely admire “Nito TV”. By default, the original Apple TV is not compatible with Nito TV. As a result, potential Apple TV users should jailbreak their priceless gadget. When you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can enjoy the following benefits:

1)      Nito TV will let you install special plugins. These plugins are updated every now and then. Thus, you will have access to the market’s most recent entertainment updates!

2)      Nito is strongly linked with XBMC. It is Microsoft’s marketplace with many video files. XMBC has a more than 200,000 videos. Thus, you can download paid videos without spending an extra penny!

3)      Nito TV has a separate Wiki Page. The page allows users to read Wiki-articles. This is an interesting option that increases the Apple TV’s overall functionality.

4)      When you jailbreak Apple TV 3, remember to install its “Lifestyle Plugins”. These plugins will let you access weather updates, new updates and podcasts. The lifestyle plugins have made Nito TV very famous.

Unlimited Entertainment

As mentioned previously, the original Apple TV does not support XMBC. Thus, users are forced to adhere to a nominal collection of features. You cannot watch movies from third party sources. In simpler words, if you own an Apple TV 3, you should download media files from the Apple iTunes Store. Anything that is unauthorized by the iTunes Store would be rejected by the original iDevice. In such cases, you should Jailbreak Apple TV 3! The moment you jailbreak, you will have access to custom-made televisions, third party movies and channels like National Geography.

Use Your Apple TV as a media Server!

So, do you wish to make your Apple TV a media server? Are you interested in storing and accessing many video files? If yes, trust me, Plex is meant for you. Plex is an amazing plugin that acts like a media server. The plugin helps users to access media content without the assistance of iTunes.

An Ultimate Bottom Line

When you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you will enjoy a wide array of benefits. The benefits mentioned in this article are experienced by common jailbreakers. Trust me, you might find a whole new collection of advantages. Your ultimate jailbreak experience will depend on the iDevice and your needs.


So you have your shiny new Apple TV 3 system and everything is working brilliantly. However do you not think that something is, well, missing?

Apple TV might not have the same acclaim as the likes of the iPhone or the iPad however it is a very good multimedia system and an Apple TV 3 jailbreak can make it even better. In this short update we are going to look at how you can improve your ATV 3 system, what jailbreaking is and how you can get a jailbreak for it.

A Variety Of Improvements

Apple TV as a default system is good. You can’t argue with the capability it has even though it can be a little restricted at times in terms of what it can do. However with ATV 3 and a jailbreak you can do so much more. For instance you get access to what is known as XBMC where you can actually replace your cable package in many instances as you can stream premium content and sports. You can also get one touch subtitle downloads that can enhance many TV shows and films and you can also play .MKV files with a jailbreak meaning that you can stream true HD on the device.

What Is ATV 3 Jailbreaking?

This is the big question that most people want to know the answer to. Essentially jailbreaking is opening up the source code of the ATV 3 system and then ensuring that you can do much more with the device. Because Apple tend to be much more restrictive in their iOS than other developers – Android for instance – it can be difficult for people to do what they want on the device. Jailbreaking removes this limitation and ensures that you can really improve the Apple TV system with such a simple process.

Where Can You Get A Jailbreak?

OK, we must stress this first point at length – do not try and jailbreak the device yourself. We know of countless people who think that they can do this only for them to damage their ATV system and end up having to either buy a new one or pay a lot of money to have it repaired. This is why we recommend that you use a professional service to jailbreak your ATV system. It doesn’t much and when you think about the fact that you are getting a safe and reliable jailbreak then this is much better than trying it yourself an having to pay for a new system.

This is a nutshell is jailbreaking Apple TV 3. There are many benefits associated with it that can really help to improve your device and make it a much better system. Jailbreaking is very safe if you use an experienced pro who knows exactly what they are doing – indeed this is the option that we recommend due to the fact that one small mistake can harm your ATV 3 device. All in all jailbreaking is recommended for Apple TV 3 and if you want to get a host of new features for a small fee then it is a great way to do this.


Are you a proud owner of a little entertainment box called the Apple TV 3? Are you unsatisfied with the Apple TV’s features? Do you wish to enjoy more with the Apple TV? If yes, trust me, you are very lucky! Jailbreakers have identified strategies that will make your Apple TV a lot more functional. A small jailbreak Apple TV 3 program will let you enjoy several hours of endless entertainment. In this article, you will read about the benefits of Jailbreaking an Apple TV 3. Don’t consider this as a tutorial but read on and crack answers to the following questions:

1)      Should You Jailbreak Apple TV 3?

2)      Does Jailbreaking delight users with many extraneous features?

3)      Will jailbreaking ruin the device?

Benefits of XBMC

When you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you will step into a new world filled with many features. A Jailbroken Apple TV will let you customize and personalize the little gadget. You can watch an endless list of movies and stream several thousand podcasts in a hassle free order. This is because you are no longer expected to depend upon the iTunes Store. Instead, you can watch from many third party channels. Jailbreaking will let you watch videos from Netflix, rent movies from iTunes store and stream baseball matches. Meanwhile, it will let you enjoy several custom made software packages like Nito TV and XBMC (Xbox Media Center). Through channels like XBMC, you can enjoy National Geographic, G4TV, Google Reader, Revision 3 and many more channels.

Benefits of Nito

If you are an earnest fan of Nito TV, trust me, jailbreaking is your ultimate solution. As you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you should install Nito TV! The channel delights users with many customization options. For instance, Nito allows users to access XBMC from the main menu. Moreover, Nito is famous for its special plugins that can be used to send and receive files from various destinations in a hassle free order. A major attraction in Nito would be its media plugins. Nito’s weather plugin for Apple TV 3 is simply amazing. Another splendid feature from Nito would be its “Wiki Page”. Sounds silly, but it is quite true that you can check wiki pages and weather reports from your jailbroken Apple TV!

Benefits of Plex!

Moving on, you should jailbreak Apple TV 3, to install features like “Plex”. Technically, Plex is an integral port of XBMC. Plex allows users to watch Hulu; an interesting channel that delights XBMC viewers. With the help of jailbroken Apple TVs, Hulu is no longer restricted to desktop computers and laptops. It is a great media server that has lots of video files, which can be viewed without the help of iTunes.

A Perfect Match for Apple TVs

Finally, as you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can enjoy an option called Remote HD. This is a remarkable feature that will let you control the little TV in a hassle free order. Remote HD is a perfect match for the stylish Apple gadgets.


Apple’s third generation TV has several hundred channels and many unique file formats. Many people have a high regard for the 4-inch TV due to its stylish look and elegant performance. Though the gadget has customized applications, this has not stopped potential buyers from demanding for more! Potential viewers wish to broaden their horizons from iTunes movies, Netflix streaming and NBL live to many other channels.  As a result, they tend to jailbreak Apple TV 3! Jailbreaking helps them enrich the sensational gadget with a wide range of video content. In this article, you will read about the benefits of jailbreaking the Apple TV!

Accessing a wide range of Channels!

Though the Apple TV is designed to provide entertainment, many people regard this statement as a pure joke! This is because Apple has restricted potential users to its default applications and channels. As mentioned previously, the TV allows users to select from a very small range of channels. This prevents potential users from enjoying the TV to its fullest. As a result, the need to jailbreak Apple TV 3 has increased remarkably. Jailbreaking promises to take users to a whole new height of entertainment. It will let you access an endless list of channels like Hulu, Last FM, Amazon, ESPN and CBS!

A Personalized Device!

Secondly, jailbreaking will let you personalize the gadget. This is an interesting feature that forces buyers to jailbreak Apple TV 3. When you jailbreak the device, you can manipulate the gadget’s menu options. You are conferred with the freedom to do anything and everything. This is because you will not be controlled by Apple’s strict rules and regulations. For instance, you can create personalized slideshows and design a list of special app menus. Potential users believe that customization would enhance the TV’s accessibility and freedom. Meanwhile, remember that the original Apple TV does not allow users to change the device’s screen settings.

Enjoying Many Apple Apps

Once you jailbreak Apple TV 3, you can install many interesting applications. You will not be forced to download apps only from the Apple iTunes AppStore. Instead, you can experiment through third party software programs and mobile applications. These apps will definitely help you enjoy the TV’s utmost functionalities and hardware. A very useful app for jailbroken Apple TV’s would be the “TV Flash”. The app allows users to store and retrieve media from the cloud. TV Flash acts like an interactive portal with passages to many other channels. The application comes with many plug-ins. These plug-ins will let you watch and merge many channels together.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

As you jailbreak the Apple TV 3, you can boost its performance remarkably. The device will come under your control and needs. Conversely, it is quite evident that you can enjoy many benefits when you jailbreak Apple TV 3. These are just few advantages enjoyed by people who have jailbroken the Apple TV successfully. Everyone believes that jailbreaking can be linked with many other benefits.


So you have a great system in Apple TV 3 however what about if you want to get the best out of it?

Many people are simply happy to use the default, straight out of the box model but this doesn’t always mean that it is the best. Actions such as jailbreakin exists so that you can take the basic device and instead ensure that it does everything you want it to do – basically allowing Apple TV 3 to realize its full potential.

In this update we are going to look at Apple TV 3 and why it makes perfect sense to jailbreak the system.

Why Wouldn’t You Jailbreak?

People buy Apple TV 3 and think that it is great. They are right of course however there is so much more waiting to be uncovered by using a jailbreak. This is why we wanted to update this site with all this information so that you as the consumer and get the most from your Apple TV 3 system.

Instead of thinking about why you would jailbreak the system why not consider why you wouldn’t? There is so much to experience with a jailbreak for Apple TV 3 and we have outlines this below.

One Click Subtitles

Imagine you are watching a film that comes in a dual language format. There are loads of these about nowadays however if the subs aren’t hard coded into the file or if they aren’t present as a separate file then you will have to watch the film only understanding half of what is being said, right? Well no because with an Apple TV 3 jailbreak you have access to one click subtitle downloads where you can simply search for the title of the TV show or film you are watching, download the subtitle file and play the move or show.

Play The Files That Your Want

Anyone that uses a normal and straight out of the box version of Apple TV 3 knows that it can only play certain files if you hook up a external hard drive to it for instance. However with a jailbreak for your Apple TV 3 then you can play all sorts of video files and this includes .MKV that means you can play HD and Blu-Ray quality films or TV shows straight from an external source. A fantastic way to get the most out of your system and watch what you want in a quality format.

So you can really see why jailbreaking your Apple TV 3 system actually makes a lot of sense. Not only do you get all the benefits that comes with a normal Apple TV 3 device but you get all these added benefits as well that ensures that you can watch what you want, when you want and also get subtitles for films and TV shows at the push of a button. So if you are hoping to really allow your Apple TV 3 to achieve its potential and do everything that you want from it then consider a jailbreak to access all these great features and more.


The sale of third generation Apple TV’s is proving to be better than the sale of previous generation models and this is completely down to jailbreaking.

At present there is a high demand for jailbreaking Apple TV due to the fact that it can be jailbroken seamlessly online and this is why there is as higher demand. All Apple TV systems can be jailbroken but consumers are opting for the latest model. Indeed, jailbreaking itself is something that is highly recommended to anyone who uses Apple TV and there are numerous benefits associated with it.

In the past the bootroom exploit worked fantastic on the second generation models of ATV and this is being carried over. Users of the system noted that their device was greatly enhanced with a jailbreak.

Cheaper Model

One of the big reasons that people now buy Apple TV 3 is because it can be bought cheaply at retail price and with the small fee of a jailbreak it can be transformed into a more powerful and better system.

When you think about it this is a really smart way in which to get Apple TV 3 but also to save some money as well on a great second hand device. OK, you might not be saving hundreds of dollars here however even a small saving of $40 or so for a variety of extra features is worth it.

Host Of Features

Apple TV 3 might not have taken the world by storm in the way in which the company has thought however it does come with a host of features that transform your TV viewing experience.

With a jailbreak for Apple TV 3 this is enhanced even further. You can even get rid of your cable subscription if you make good use of XBMC. This allows you to watch many premium service channels online – sports for example – and a lot of Apple TV 3 users with a jailbreak have been saving money month on month by using this service.

Furthermore you can browse online through your TV as well. Not everyone has a smart TV with interactivity features however with ATV and a jailbreak you can install a web browser and use your TV like a giant monitor. This is great if you want to combine watching TV with surfing on the net or using social media.

ATV 3 is now the most popular generation of Apple’s flagship TV system. It might not have reached the heights of mega popularity in the same way that other Apple products have done such as the iPhone, iPod and the iPad however it is still used by many people.

Getting a jailbreak for your Apple TV 3 system will ensure that it is transformed with lots of new features that will make it a better device. The number of people who try an ATV with a jailbreak and go back to the original format is almost non-existent due to the fact that it is such an improvement on the original device and is highly recommended if you have the latest model.


How to Set Up XBMC Part 3

by admin on May 11, 2014

apple-devicesWelcome back to our weekly series on setting up XBMC to get the best for your Apple TV jailbreak. Without further ado, let’s push on.

Use FileBot to rename your files

If you remember last week, we discussed renaming files so you could find them again. This can be time-consuming unless you use FileBot.  What it does is it scans though all your files, you input the name of each show and then it automatically gives them a name that both you and XBMC will recognize.

To use it simply drag your folder of files to FileBot and it will do all the sorting out for you. You will still need to give the folder for each TV show a name but this is a far easier way of doing things when you jailbreak Apple TV.

Adding Media to XBMC

Now we can get on with what we are really here for – adding media to XBMC.  From your main menu, go to the section that you want to add media to, for example, videos.  The screen will be empty and you have the option to add a new source of media. Click on the option and browse for the source file. This is where naming comes in handy because you will need to know what type of media is in each file.

XBMC scans through the folder contents and then adds the media.  Repeat this for every media file you have. You can also add podcasts if you want, find out how here.

What to Do When Shows Refuse to Import

When you jailbreak Apple TV, although you open up a whole new world of media options, it can be a little bit fiddly to get it all set up right.  Sometimes things cause problems, perhaps because you haven’t named a file properly.

You can try to add problem files manually by opening up the relevant section on XBMC main menu and then heading to Files. Look for the file that contains the problem media and click C, followed by TV Show Information.

XBMC tries to scan the file. It may ask you to input the TV show name so type in one word from the title – preferably something that isn’t a common word – and you should be confronted with a list of choices. Choose the right one and it should all be smooth sailing from there.

Media Browsing

The Apple TV jailbreak allows you to store all your own media neatly beside everything else that you can download on XBMC.  As soon as you have successfully added your media, you will see two new icons on your home screen – TV Shows and Movies.

Clicking will take you to the shows or movies you transferred across. Now you can browse your media very easily just by clicking on View.  Choose the view that best suits you and set it as the default.

You can now enjoy the fruits of your labors. The Apple TV jailbreak opens so many doors that you will not know where to start. Work through it all logically and very soon, you will have the best Apple TV set in the world.


How to Set up XBMC – Part 2

by admin on May 3, 2014

xbmc-12.0Welcome back to our series on setting up XBMC on your jailbroken Apple TV. We have downloaded XBMC and got used to the interface and controls so, without further ado, let’s move on.

The Remote

While keyboards are good, to make the most out of your XBMC experience you really need to get a remote.  While Apple TV is supplied with a remote, it is tiny and it is fiddly. Luckily, there are a number that do work with XBMC and most of them are affordable.

Rather than splashing out for a physical remote, make use of what you already have – your iPhone or iPad.  By downloading a free app called Remote, you can turn your iOS device into a remote control. When you jailbreak Apple TV it becomes easier to make the best out of all of your iOS devices, not just the TV.

Add Your Own Media to XBMC

Now that you have installed the Apple TV jailbreak, downloaded XBMC and got used to it, it is time to start adding your own media to it.  XBMC is one of the very few programs that supports almost every different file format, which makes it the best place to store all media.

It is not as simple as just dragging and dropping unfortunately.  First, you need to ensure that XBMC can actually find your files once you have put them on there. When you have installed the Apple TV jailbreak and before you do anything else, head onto your storage device, arrange all your media files into file types, and put each one in a separate folder.

Unfortunately, although the apple TV jailbreak can do a lot of things, it can’t make XBMC determine the actual shows, films or music tracks that your files represent. Make sure you very carefully name each of your files so that you can find them again. It is a little time consuming but it is required if you do not want any headaches later on down the line.

How to Rename Files

The Apple TV jailbreak gives you a lot more options for media viewing than any other solution.  However, it is still good to have all your own stuff as well.  Movie formats are simple and should be named as such – Movie Name (Year).avi. An example of this would be Star Trek (2009).avi.

Also, make sure that the movie title you give the file is correct so that XBMC can actually find it.

TV shows are a bit more complex. Each file needs to have the season number AND the episode number as well as the correct show name.  If necessary, also add the year in as well. As much information as possible is best. You must also make sure the folders that the files are in are also correctly named.

To get the episodes in order there is a best practice way to do it – Use the letter S for season, a 2 digit number for the season number and follow it with E for episode. Then another 2 digit number for the episode followed by .avi. An example of this is S01E03.avi – season 1, episode 3.

That should be enough to keep you busy until next week’s installment. If you have not yet done it, get started on the Apple TV jailbreak. Download XBMC and get your files in order and, next week we will be back with more tips on how to set up XBMC when you jailbreak Apple TV.


How to Set Up XBMC – Part 1

April 27, 2014

XBMC is one of the best standalone cross platform media streaming centers in the world and is perfect for the Apple TV 3 jailbreak. Downloading it is simple, setting it up takes a bit more time and effort. This 6 part guide is designed to help you get the best out of XBMC when you […]

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