Best Jailbreaks for Apple TV 3, 2 and 1

by admin on January 28, 2014

Hey there!

Today I’m going to show you the easiest way in which you can jailbreak your Apple TV. It actually only takes a few simple steps and it’s incredibly easy to do. People often ask me why they should bother jailbreaking their Apple TV and I tell them that by doing it you can:

  • Get access to loads more streaming sources by installing XBMC. Some of these aren’t approved by Apple so can’t be accessed normally. You will also be able to watch TV channels such as ESPN and stream through websites that show episodes of major shows one hour after they have broadcast such as
  • Connect a USB device to your Apple TV and play files.
  • Easily play files not supported by iTunes such as MKV and AVI with ATV Flash-Black
  • Install a browser on your Apple TV to access websites
  • Instantly download subtitles with one click
  • Use iPhone or iPad as a powerful remote control with the RemoteHD app.

The jailbreak options that I am going to suggest to you will automatically jailbreak your Apple TV with no fuss or issues. The best part is that it can be done in a matter of minutes. The guys who make the software ensure that it is compatible with the latest Apple TV iOS so even the newest devices can be jail broken. In fact, included in the price of jailbreaking an Apple TV is a similar solution for other Apple device such as iPad’s and iPhone’s.

IMPORTANT: The sites that I am going to list are mainly focused towards jailbreaks for iPads and iPhones however they all have Apple TV solutions too. If you look at for instance you will see that the Apple TV Jailbreak option is located about half way down and it looks like this:




How It Workstv7

For some people jailbreaking an Apple TV can seem a daunting task however the process is incredible simple. Basically you only need to install the jailbreaking program, hook up your Apple TV to your computer or laptop via the USB port and then simply let the program do its job. You just need to sit back and watch as it does the work for you. You can use the step by step guide to go through the entire process and you can also ask the support staff on call for any questions you may have, technical or otherwise.

A word of caution: don’t try and jailbreak your Apple TV by yourself. It may be a simple process when using the software solutions I mention below but it is incredibly complicated beyond this. I actually thought I could do it all myself and, even though I am quite good with computers, it didn’t go too well and was a massive headache for me. You are at risk of losing all the data on your Apple TV or even causing more permanent damage; learn from my experience and use one of the solutions I am about to show you to ensure that the jailbreak is carried out correctly.

Top 2 Apple TV Software For Jailbreaking

Number 1 –  iJailbreak Pro (My top choice and the best solution to jailbreak an Apple TV)

Speaking from experience the guys over at iJailbreak Pro are the best. They have fantastic software that does exactly what it says and their support staff is second to none. The whole process for jailbreaking my Apple TV was over in less than 5 minutes which is an incredibly fast speed. It was safe, reliable and worked without any issues.

I actually used them for several Apple TV’s. I have two at home and they are from different generations however the software was able to jailbreak the previous ATV version I have as well as the latest generation of Apple TV too. In fact, with their service I also managed to jailbreak my iPhone 5 and this was included into the overall price!

Another major plus point was their support staff. Some parts of the process were a little confusing to me – however the support team answered my queries (regardless of how simple they were) in a quick, polite and effective manner. After speaking with them I had a complete understanding of the whole process and they didn’t mind answer questions that I really should know.

Overall the set up is fantastic. I actually talked to the guy in charge of the whole service and he is just committed to ensuring that everyone can get the most out of their Apple devices. While ATV is great on its own, it can be made even better by using this service to realize its full potential.

The software worked brilliantly, the step by step guide really helped and I was pleased with how much they charge for the service. If you want to use the best in the market then iJailbreak Pro is my recommendation. A solid 9.5/10. You can find here

Number 2 – Jailbreak Unlock (Good service but let down by their support staff)

Jailbreak Unlock is another service I have used in the past. I actually used them for previous versions of my Apple TV and they unlocked my past iOS without any issues. However as soon as iJailbreak Pro started offering the same service I stopped using them. The process takes a bit longer (although can be completed in under 20 minutes) however I do have two major problems with using them:

  • They don’t seem to be legitimate experts on ATV. Unless you are in their member’s area then you can’t find links to the ATV jailbreaking services and I thought that their support staff knew more about jailbreaking other Apple devices rather than Apple TV. I also got the impression that they would stop offering this feature altogether someday which doesn’t suit me in the long term.
  •  Their support staff is not the best at answering emails in a quick manner. They can be contacted by phone however this service instructs you to send an email. It often takes over 24 hours for them to respond which isn’t ideal if you want ATV jailbroken quickly.

All in all they are not bad. I would use them again if something happened to iJailbreak Pro although at the minute they are my second choice. I’ll give them a 7/10 for the fact that their solution does work. Click here to check find more information

Final Thoughts

These are not the only two services that offer Apple TV jailbreak solutions however they are the best and most companies tend to focus on iPads and iPhones. In my honest opinion iJailbreak Pro is the superior choice as you can see from my above review.

Since I jail broke my ATV I can stream new TV shows right after they air on and watch them in HD as well. I have even managed to cancel my cable package because I can stream extra channels – a great money saver. One ATV box, a decent internet connection and a piece of jailbreak software have transformed the way I watch TV and access content.

If you want the most from your Apple TV then you should do the same.

Hopefully this information was useful to you!


Mike Tutor


atv-flash-black-1-0-for-apple-tv-2Welcome back to part 2 of our series on reasons to jailbreak Apple TV. Today we look at the final 10 reasons. These incorporate a number of things you can do with your jailbroken Apple TV as well as reasons why you should jailbreak it in the first place.

11. SAMBA Server

If you have gotten bored of syncing your devices, when you jailbreak Apple TV you can create a server. This is so that you can simply drag and drop files from your Mac to your Apple T, saving all that messing around.  You will need to take instructions on how to create the SAMBA Server but you can find those instructions here.

12.  Replace Your Hard Drive

You must be careful with this one – if you are at all unsure, please do not attempt it.  Using AtvDrive, you can swap the HD drive in your Apple TV with a bigger one, allowing you to store more media.

13.  Use aTV Flash and aTVUSB Creator to Stream More media

If you do not like YouTube for watching videos and have another one you prefer, there is a way to add it when you install the Apple TV jailbreak. All you need is a piece of software called atvusb-creator although you will have to update the codecs – that’s easy enough, just go into the settings for NitoTV and click on Install Software and then Install MPlayer Codecs

To add your favorite site, enter NitoTV and click on Streams. Click on add Stream and type in your own one.

14. Watch Different File Formats

Apple is a bit limited on the types of file format they let you watch. Luckily, the Apple TV jailbreak lets you watch as many different file formats as you can find.  Start off by heading to NitoTV, Settings and Install Software. Click on Install Perian and your Apple TV will now play all types of file format.

15. Read RSS Feeds (aTV Flash required)

If you have some favorite RSS feeds that you follow, you can watch them from the comfort of your armchair when you jailbreak Apple TV.

16. Watch Flash

You will not find Flash on the iPhone or the iPod but you will find it when you jailbreak Apple TV.  Once again, go to NitoTV, Install Software and Install Flash.

17. Add a USB Keyboard and Mouse

Yes, you can use a USB keyboard and mouse when you jailbreak Apple TV. No more messing around with the tiny remote that Apple gives you. If you have already installed aTV Flash, you are ready to go.

18. Attach and Use and External USB drive

Space is always at a premium but, when you jailbreak Apple TV you can add an external USB drive for storage. Again, aTV Flash makes the job easy.

19. Add Twitter

Are you hooked on Twitter? Do you live on it? In that case, install the Apple TV jailbreak and then add aTVitter to it. You can then tweet to your heart’s content.

20. Lots of Extra Utilities

The Apple TV jailbreak gives you access to tons of different utilities when you install NitoTV.  You can even use it to repair your Apple TV to a certain extent. Open NitoTV, open Settings and Utilities and start exploring what you can do with your jailbroken Apple TV.

That concludes this mini-series on things to do with your jailbroken Apple TV. We hope we have given you at least some good reasons why you should go ahead and do it now, without delay.


20 Reasons to Jailbreak Apple TV – part 1

by admin on April 12, 2014

Screencapture1-copyAny product that Apple produces is guaranteed to be top of the range, high-end luxury but, out of all of them, only one is classed as a hobby – Apple TV. With just a little cash and patience, you can turn Apple’s hobby into your own.

Splash out just $99 to buy the set top box and then a little more to jailbreak Apple TV 3 and, from there, the world is your oyster.  You might be asking yourself why you want to do that. There are loads of reasons and, to help you see things more clearly, we have no less than 20 reasons why.

We start this week with reasons 1 to 10:

1.       SSH

No, we are not telling you to be quiet. If you have ever jailbroken an iPhone or iPad, you will know what SSH is. It stands for Secure Shell and is a way of accessing the file system on your Apple TV. When you SSH into Apple TV 3 you can add in software in formats that Apple TV is not programmed to accept, move files around, delete, edit, copy, you name it.

When you jailbreak Apple TV 3 you need to find and make a note of the IP address of your Apple TV. To do this, go to Settings>General>Network.

To SSH in to your Apple TV 3:

  • Go into the Utilities Folder and open Terminal
  • Type in SSH Frontrow@ your ip address
  • Type in frontrow when asked for the password

That’s it, all there is to it.

2.       Boxee

Boxee is designed for large screen televisions and is considered to be the best social media center, essential when you jailbreak Apple TV 3.  It lets you view contents, rate it and then recommend it through your social network sites.

3.       XBMC

XBMC is really the top reason for installing the Apple TV jailbreak.  It is the largest standalone media streaming center and lets you watch whatever content takes your fancy. Watch the latest movies, TV series, shows, live streaming sports and manage your own Media libraries as well.

4.       FRAP

Frap is a neat Apple TV jailbreak tweak as it lets you rearrange the Apple TV menu to your own liking, and include new apps that you have installed as well.

5.       IMDB with Sapphire

Use the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) to organize and play your personal media libraries. You need Sapphire to do this, which is easy enough to install:

Open Software Menu>Third Party>Trusted>Sapphire.

Once installed, go into the settings of Sapphire and set it up how you want.

6.       NitoTV

NitoTV is the next best thing to XBMC. It is a media center, it is a content streamer and it lets you install emulators and plugins. You can install XBMC from the NitoTV installer – just another great reason to jailbreak Apple TV

7.       FTP Access

While SSH is a great addition to any Apple TV jailbreak, sometimes it is easier to move files with Finder. You need to enable FTP Access using a program such as awkwardTV.

8.       Game Emulators

There are a number of ROM packages for the old school games but first you need to download a games emulator.  From NitoTV, go into Settings>Install Software>Install Emulators.  You cannot pick and choose which ones to install, all of them will be put on your Apple TV.

Now you can download ROM packages and play Gameboy Advance, Sega Mega System and NES/SNES games on your jailbroken Apple TV.

9.       Browse the Internet

If you are sat on the sofa watching TV or surfing through all those lovely channels you get when you jailbreak Apple TV, you may as well surf the net as well.  Using SSH and FTP install CouchSurfer Lite and browse your favorite websites right on your TV screen.

10.   Bit Torrent

While Bit Torrent is normally used for pirate reasons, there is actually some genuine Bit Torrent media on there that is not copyrighted to someone else.  Install Bit Torrent and then, through it, look for Transmission bit torrent.  Download and use awkwardTV to set it up and away you go, another media option for when you jailbreak Apple TV.

We hope that you are now a bit more prepared to install the Apple TV jailbreak but, if not, don’t worry, just come back to use next week for reasons 11—20 in our series on why you should jailbreak Apple TV.




JBatv3It is no secret that apple is dead against jailbreaking. In fact, they have even said they will go so far as to void your warranty if you jailbreak Apple TV or any other iOS device. This is in spite of the fact that, in 2010, jailbreaking was ruled legal by the US government.

Do you know why Apple is against the Apple TV jailbreak? We will tell you.

According to Apple themselves, there are a number of issues that they consider to be wrong with jailbreaking. They say that, when the built the iOS, they designed it be fully secure, right from the moment you first turn on your iOS device.

They added in security features that protect your Apple TV from being attacked by viruses, malware and malicious hackers, to keep all your personal data secure and away from prying eyes.  They say that, when you jailbreak Apple TV,  be it version 1, 2, or 3, you bypass that security and leave your device wide open.

Security Issues

According to Apple, when you install the Apple TV jailbreak, you strip away the layers of security they painstakingly added in. They say that your Apple TV is left wide open to damage, to theft of personal information, to a network attack or the installation of malware and spyware.

This is not really true. Although you have broken into the root system of the iOS, your Apple TV is no more or no less open to hacking that one that has not been jailbroken.

Stability Issues

Apple tells you that, when you jailbreak Apple TV, you leave it vulnerable to crashing and to freezing up. This is because, they say, you have downloaded third party apps that are not stable.

Again, not really true. Yes, if you download tons of Cydia apps you might have trouble and you might also find that they are not all compatible with each other. You get that with apps on an Apple TV that hast been jailbroken though.

Unreliable Data Connection

Apple says that if you jailbreak Apple TV you are virtually guaranteed to suffer with bad data connections.

Do you believe that? Now, neither do we.

Service Disruption

The Apple TV jailbreak apparently disrupts services on your device, especially where Push Notifications are used. Allegedly, people who have jailbroken their Apple TV have also had trouble with Exchange and iCloud services.

Again, we do not believe this. Yes, people do experience issues like this but not always with an Apple TV jailbreak. It is just as likely to happen on one that has not been hacked.

You Cannot Update your iOS Software

We will give them this one. You cannot update your iOS software if you have installed an Apple TV jailbreak – at least not until the software developers have checked out the update to see if it is compatible with the jailbreak. If it is, you can update and they will provide you with an update to the jailbreak software.

Apple really are dead set on fighting jailbreaking and have been doing so for many years, However, it hasn’t escaped the notice of many who jailbreak that Apple does seem to use an awful out of the ideas that come from jailbreak apps so perhaps they aren’t as against it as we first thought……


Benefits of Jailbreaking Apple TV

by admin on March 29, 2014

blog-opensubs1Where to begin…

When you jailbreak Apple TV you open up a large set of doors, endless possibilities and you find out what your Apple TV really is capable of.  When you buy your Apple TV, although it is one of the top media streaming set top boxes, it is still limited to streaming certain file formats.

Jailbreaking makes it possible to play most, if not all, of the most commonly used file formats, and a few that are so common!  Apple requires you to use iTunes when you access media on your Apple TV, which means you can only play their files and their choice of media.

While iTunes does have a large amount of content, an Apple TV jailbreak gives you more than you could ever dream possible.  One way of doing that is to use a piece of software called FireCore atvFlash.

FireCore is a kind of turbo booster for that little set top box you have.  It is packed full of features but one of the main ones is the number of file formats it supports.

Movies and Music

When you install an Apple TV jailbreak, you are giving yourself access to an unlimited number of free movies and TV programs.  You do need to install a few plugins to get your hands on these but, rest assured, once you have done the hard work, you can sit back and watch the latest movies, latest episodes of your favourite TV shows or even an old show that you want to see again.

It isn’t all about movies and TV though, Many people jailbreak Apple TV to get their hands – or ears – on an unlimited supply of music.  Listen to any radio station from anywhere in the world, listen to any genre that takes your fancy and use a number of different apps to stream your music choice.


Sports fans will most likely be the first in line to jailbreak Apple TV. Jailbreaking gives you access to a ton of live sports channels as well as replays of your favourite games. Pick up channels such as MLB, NBA, watch soccer, hockey, tennis, basketball, you name it you can watch it.


One of the main reasons why people jailbreak Apple TV is to customise their set top box user interface.  If you have jailbroken the iPhone you will know exactly what it is all about and the principle is the same.

Download themes, skins, change your font, change your wallpaper, and change whatever you want.


That’s right, jailbreak Apple TV and you too can become one of these!  CouchSurfer is actually a WebKit browser that lets you search the internet and find your favourite sites, including playing YouTube videos, using your jailbroken Apple TV.

If you choose to install an Apple TV jailbreak, rest assured that it will not change the way your set top box works. Indeed, it will enhance it but you can still use your Apple TV to check out the latest tunes on iTunes or look through your own photo stream.

Basic Apple TV functionality does not change when you jailbreak. And, for those that are worried about Apple voiding their warranty?  Unfortunately, just like any of their devices, Apple will void the warranty on a jailbroken Apple TV. However, a simple restore through iTunes will soon sort that out.

So, do not delay, buy your Apple TV jailbreak today and start using your device as it was meant to be used.



Apple TV jailbreak – Plex vs XBMC

by admin on March 23, 2014

indexTwo of the best jailbreak apps you can download and install after an Apple TV jailbreak are Plex and XBMC.  The thing is, do you really want both and, if not, which one is best?

We cannot answer that because what you want depends on your personal preferences. However, what we can do is give you an unbiased short comparison of both and then you can make your own mind up.

Support/Operating System

Which one you download depends entirely on your operating system.  Both Plex and XBMC will run on almost any jailbroken Apple TV but each has its limitations.

Both jailbreak apps will run on Windows and OS X. However only XBMC runs on Linux and Plex runs on Ubuntu.

Plex will run on any Apple TV 3 jailbreak version and cost $5 from iTunes.  XBMC is also compatible with all Apple TV 3 jailbreaks but is completely free.

Set Up and Configure

Plex can be set up in about 5 minutes on any jailbroken Apple TV. XBMC can also be down in 5 minutes but if you want any extra features, bank on spending more time.

If you have chosen to jailbreak Apple TV 3 and want simple, go for Plex. XBMC is not difficult to set up; it just takes time to get it working how you want it to.


When you jailbreak Apple TV and come to make your decision, you will be looking at how each one can be customised. XBMC has tons of options and is packed with settings, tweaks and the option to download many extras.

Plex does not offer the jailbroken Apple TV much in the way of custom options but does work with a number of different unofficial plugins that are designed primarily for XBMC.

Plugins/Internet Videos

XBMC offers a good deal of support, via plugins, for video sites such as YouTube, Hulu and Amazon. All you do is install your chosen plugin on your Apple TV and away you go.

Plex does let you install some plugins on a jailbroken Apple TV 3 although not many people realise this.  There are a couple of official ones and a few unofficial ones as well.

Remote Control

When you jailbreak Apple TV 3, the remote control is an important part of any media center you choose to download.

XBMC has a number of great options including mobile apps for your iPhone or iPad. Alternatively, you can use one of a number of hardware remote controls as well.

Plex also supports mobile apps on Android and iOS but not all of them are free.  Hardware controllers are supported on a jailbroken Apple TV 3 with Plex.

Remote Streaming

With an Apple TV 3 jailbreak, Plex offer the best media streaming service there is.  It is reliable, it uses the original video format or it will convert to one of several supported formats.

XBMC is not the ideal choice of  you want remote streaming as it can’t handle it, not without you messing around with ports via your router.  It also does not convert file formats so you need a really fast internet service for this to work properly.

Which One?

Both Plex and XBMC are great apps for an Apple TV that has been jailbroken, so it can be difficult to make a choice. Try them both, either together or one at a time, Be aware that you do have to pay for Plex but $5 is not a great deal to splash out on a media center.

The Apple TV jailbreak makes is possible for all users to enjoy a much wider range of media. No matter whether you want TV show, movies, music videos or sports, both will provide you with something that you can watch.




The Apple TV is one of the top media centers for home viewing. It’s a tiny little box that is packed full of power but, when it comes to video streaming, it is pretty darn useless.  So, what do you do?

You jailbreak your Apple TV, that’s what.  It doesn’t matter whether you have Apple TV 1, Apple TV 2 or Apple TV, all will benefit from having a jailbreak installed.

Jailbreaking your Apple TV 1,2,or 3 will allow you access to more content, faster streaming and much faster downloads, amongst other things.  The whole procedure will only take a few minutes and is well worth the effort and the small cost of buying the jailbreak software.

How to Jailbreak Apple TV, Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3

You have no doubt heard of the term jailbreaking, usually on the iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking allows you to access the root system of your device so that you can download third party apps and modify your device how you like.  Jailbreaking Apple TV is no different.

First, let us tell you why you would want to jailbreak Apple TV, whether it is version 1, 2 or 3:

  • To make the most of the powerful Unix computer and strong graphics on board the Apple TV
  • Jailbreaking Apple TV 1, 2 or 3 allows you to play more file formats than one that has not been jailbroken
  • You can download XBMC on a jailbroken Apple TV
  • The Apple TV 1,2 or 3  costs just $99, great value for money, even better when you jailbreak it
  • Jailbreaking Apple TV is easy.

What You Need to Jailbreak Apple TV 1, 2 and 3

Have we convinced you? Good. This is what you need:

  • A Windows PC or Mac computer with the latest version of iTunes
  • An Apple TV 1, Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3
  • Jailbreak software – for this you need to make sure you use a reliable source. Free jailbreak software will not work properly and you are unlikely to benefit from it.
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Your Apple TV Remote

The Jailbreak Procedure

This procedure works with all versions of Apple TV:

·         When you purchase your Apple TV jailbreak software, you will be provided with a set of detailed download instructions – follow these carefully

·         At some point you will be asked to connect your Apple TV to your computer

·         Some say you have to leave your television unplugged, others say they can only get the jailbreak to work if it is plugged in – try it both ways and see what works for you

·         From here on in, your jailbreak instructions will tell you what to do next. Please make sure you follow all the instructions to the letter otherwise your Apple TV jailbreak will not be successful.

Install XBMC

This is one of the biggest benefits of jailbreaking the Apple TV. XBMC is the best open source media player for Apple TV and increases your viewing options enormously.

The best method is to download NitoTV installer and install XBMC from there. You can also install it by SSHing into Apple TV and using a command line. This is not as complicated as it may sound and full instructions can be found elsewhere on our website.

One you have successfully installed XBMC onto your jailbroken Apple TV 1, 2 or 3, you should see a new icon on your home screen that launches the app.  It will take a little patience to set it up but is well worth the effort.

Do Not Let Your Newly Jailbroken Apple TV Update

This is important – you must disable the automatic updating feature on your Apple TV. If you don’t, whenever a new software update is issued by Apple, your Apple TV will automatically update and your jailbreak will be wiped out.

You will have to start all over again and apply the jailbreak to your Apple TV or you may find that one of the updates patches the exploits used in the Apple TV jailbreak software, in which case, you will not be able to jailbreak until new software is released.

How to Prevent Updates:

  • If you use a Mac open a terminal; if you use Windows open a PuTTY – connect your Apple TV to your computer
  • Type in SSH@your ip address – find this out before you start
  • Type in the username and password, which are set as default to “root” and “alpine”.
  • Type in the following command lines:
    • echo “” >> /etc/hosts
    • echo “” >> /etc/hosts
    • echo “” >> /etc/hosts

That is all there is to it. Now all that remains is to say have fun and enjoy the freedom your jailbroken Apple TV 1, 2 or 3 gives you.


Top XBMC Plugins on Jailbroken Apple TV

by admin on March 6, 2014

fastpasseuOne of the best things you can ever do to your Apple TV is jailbreak it. The next best thing, after that, is to install XBMC, a great standalone media center that increases your viewing options so many times over, we simply could not list everything it does.

To get the most out of XBMC you need to install a series of plugins and add-ons so here, just for you, are 10 of the very best:

1.      IceLibrary

You need to download both the IceLibrary add-on and the plugin.  IceLibrary allows users to sync content from the add-on to their own library. You can refresh your library whenever you want and use the included filters to search for what you want, such as movies released after a specific date.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

2.      HULU

This has to be one of the top plugins, allowing access to all of the content on their website. If you have a subscription to Hulu+, you get even more to choose from.  The plugin allows you to choose content from the website and sync it to your own library, ready to watch whenever you want.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

3.      Fast Pass TV

FastPass is a great source of both movies and TV shows. It is one of the few plugins that is updated with the latest movie releases in the blink of an eye, making it the go-to place for up to date viewing.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

4.      Live TV

Live TV gives viewers a choice of live TV streams to download, including a number of 24 hour streams, showing TV series such as Friends, King of Queens and others.  It has no less than 24 different Movie channels and live streaming sports as well.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

5.      Super TV

Super TV allows you to view live TV streams on your Apple TV, similar to antenna TV. It has live sports streaming and if you come across a channel that is broken, you can mark it so that the developer knows it needs fixing.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

6.      Navi X

Navi X is an all-encompassing plugin. It has just about every type of content you can think of, from movies, to TV shows, sports and you can even use it to view your own photo albums or listen to your own music library. 

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

7.      Project Free RV

This another television plugin although it does offer a choice of movies to watch each day.  You can find TV show episodes easily by date and you can filter your search results by date as well. Also included is the ability is to mark certain choices as favorites so you can easily access them later on.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

8.      WatchSeries

Yet another television plugin, WatchSeries is your access point for TV shows and series, whether they were on last week, yesterday or not until tomorrow.  You can also mark favorites for later as well.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

9.      1Channel

1Channel is your source for movies and TV shows and has one of biggest content libraries around at the moment.  It is constantly being updated with new features so this is one to keep your eye on.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

10.  IceFilms

IceFilms also gives you access to movies and TV shows with the included ability of being able to watch and download at the same time. It has the favorites list option, similar to the previous 2 plugins, which makes your viewing experience much easier to manage.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV

To be fair, there are loads of great plugins available for XBMC that are compatible with a jailbroken Apple TV, the iPhone, the iPod or the iPad as well as a number of other platforms. 

The best thing you can do is jailbreak your Apple TV, download XBMC and start playing. We guarantee you will not regret it.


JBATV3Every iOS device that Apple has produced is restricted by their limitations and Apple TV 3 is no exception to that rule.  However, restrictions are made to be broken through and the Apple TV 3 was just made to be jailbroken too, just like every other iOS device on the market.

It is an easy job to jailbreak your Apple TV 3. All you need to do is make sure your software comes from a reputable source – it will not be free but you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you have genuine software and you are covered under their customer service guarantee.

Full instructions and help will be given for jailbreaking your Apple TV 3, so make sure you follow them properly. If you do, you will soon have one of the best devices ever to be released on to the tech market. But wait, did you know it could be made even better?  How? Simply by downloading and installing the following 2 pieces of software.


NitoTV is the media player that everyone should have.  It supports virtually all file formats, especially those that Apple do not.  Before you can install it, you need to download the NitoTV installer.

·         Make a folder on your desktop and call it Pwnage.  This is the location where NitoTV will need to be saved to.

·         Extract the files from the NitoTV Installer and open it

·         From the menu that appears, select APPLE TV 3

·         Look at the bottom of your screen – you should see an IP address. Check it against your Apple TV 3 IP address, they should be identical

·         Select and click Install NitoTV. Type in the password – the default one is frontrow

·         The next step will take a few minutes so be patient. You should eventually see a check appear to say that the installation has been done successfully.

·         NitoTV should now be visible on the Apple TV launcher.



XBMC is the main reason why people jailbreak Apple TV 3. This is another must-have media player that supports all file formats for audio and video.

·         You should still be in the installer window from the above steps – click Install XBMC

·         A check will appear to tell you when the installation has finished

·         XBMC will also now be visible in the Apple TV launcher.

What Do These Do?

NitoTV is only a plugin but it has been developed purely for Apple TV. As you know, it is a media player, one that will play any movie format. It gives you subtitle support and you can also play your DVD content through it as well without having to convert it first.

XBMC is an acronym for Xbox media Center. It is one of the fastest growing open source media solutions available today. XBMC will let you play audio and movie files, podcasts, and any media in any format.   Included is a library of TV shows and you can also import your own photos, record shows and change the way it looks with a number of different skins.

All we can say now is, have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Jailbreaking the Apple TV 3 is the best thing you can do to give your $99 investment more punch than any other alternative system on the market today.


4 Things to do before you Jailbreak Apple TV 3

by admin on February 23, 2014

apple tv 3The Apple TV 3 is one of the most popular set top boxes for media streaming in the world. For just $99, you get a huge amount of content options and it looks great too.

However, it can look better. In addition, believe it or not, there is a lot more that your Apple TV 3 can do than you would ever begin to think possible. How?  It is simple really, all you have to do is jailbreak it.

However, before you jump in without thinking, there are some things you need to do to prepare your Apple TV 3 for jailbreaking. While it is tempting to get straight in and download the software, if you take a few precautionary measures first, you could end up losing everything.

So, before you get ahead of yourself, follow these steps first:

  1. Back Up Your Files 

This has to be the first rule of jailbreaking. Back everything up, twice if necessary. If, by some small chance, something does go wrong with the jailbreak and you haven not backed your files up, you will lose everything, your films, photos, music, etc.

Because Apple TV 3 runs on iOS backing up is a simple matter of connecting to your PC or Mac and backing up via iTunes and iCloud, just as you would with an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

  1. Clean Off Anything That Is Not Needed

Go through the contents of your Apple TV 3 with a fine tooth comb. If there are any apps you no longer use, delete them. Clear off any files you do not need, photos and music that you do not use.  You can download audio, video and photos onto an external storage device if you do not want to delete it. This takes it off your Apple TV 3 and ensures that you have sufficient space and memory for the jailbreak software.

Clear your browsing history, temporary files and cache as well. These mount up over time and take up a surprising amount of space.

  1. Restore Your Apple TV 3 to Factory Settings

Before you do this, check to see what version of firmware your Apple TV 3 is running. Now check what the latest version of firmware is that is supported by the jailbreak software.  If the latest iOS firmware is higher than is supported by the jailbreak, do not restore your Apple TV 3.

Restoring is, again, a similar process as with the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Simply attach your Apple TV 3 to your PC, launch iTunes and restore.

  1. Download and Install Your jailbreak Software

Once you have completed the above steps, just double check to make sure everything is as it should be. If you are happy, go ahead and purchase your jailbreak software.  Do get your software from a reputable vendor who offers a good level of customer service. Do not get your software from an unknown source and definitely do not download your software from a source that says it is a free download.

It may cost you nothing to download but you will experience problems with the jailbreak. It will be slow, it will cause problems with your Apple TV 3 and the level of customer service will be non-existent.

Follow the instructions provided with your jailbreak software to download and install and, once you have jailbroken your Apple TV 3, you can start to modify it as you see fit.


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